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Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators W.O.O.P.I

Goal of Investigations

The ultimate goal of our investigations is to seek out the Paranormal, if it exists.  We do respect the privacy of our clients and information will not be posted here without the client’s permission.

Our Approach to Investigations

Investigations begin with a pre-investigation questionnaire and interview with 2 members of the team. 

Our team consists of people ranging from skeptics to those with psychic abilities.  We respect all views but as we are looking for scientific evidence information obtained from those who are sensitive and psychic are not offered as any sort of proof/evidence.   However, our sensitive’s and psychics do document their experiences and are included in the final report but their information is not included as proof.   

We do not use Ouija Boards, conduct séances, use witchcraft or perform cleansings of any sort.  We do have friends who preform cleansings and resolutions (ghost guidance).   

We rely on other paranormal teams to help evaluate evidence we cannot explain, but this is done without violating the level confidentiality of the client desires.  We feel that if there is any plausible explanation it must be considered and given to the client along with the evidence collected. 

We recognize just as some are horrified to think the place the live and work is possibly haunted others want their home or workplace to be haunted.  We are researchers and will not stretch or bend the truth just to make a client happy. 

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