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Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators W.O.O.P.I

WOOPI Membership is closed

Our team is currently full and we are not accepting new members except by invitation. 

Our Mission

Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators (W.O.O.P.I) established in 2010 is a not for profit organization of  investigators who investigate and document any scientific and photographic evidence of paranormal phenomena in Oregon, free of charge.

We understand people do experience unusual, frightening, or seemingly unexplainable events. The field of paranormal continues to grow, at this time there are no real paranormal experts so no, we don't have "specialists" or "certified ghost hunters."  We will document and analyze all evidence collected during each investigation as we believe through scientific research we can come to understand the relam of the supernatural.  W.O.O.P.I. is a self-funded organization, we never charge a fee, accept gifts or donations

We are not in competition with other paranormal groups.  We welcome their inputs and support.  We are all seeking the truth.  Sometimes one group may investigate a location and find lots of evidence and then another group on another night may find nothing.  This does not mean one group is anyway attempting to decieve, it may mean during one investigation the location there was or was not activity that could be captured on their equipment.